Art and Craft

Updated January 2019

Bottle tops craft

You need

You need: PVA Glue, paper or card, different bottle tops


    • Draw a shape on a paper or card.
    • Paint the shape with PVA glue and arrange bottle tops. Push the tops firmly to attach to the paper.
    • Let it dry and display!

Stretchy dough fun

You need

dough (plain flour, water and some food colouring will do as it makes lovely stretchy dough)


  • If you making your own dough mix ingredients well gradually adding some water(squishy bottles help to add a little at the time)
  • When dough is ready –use it as you like (forming shapes, cutting with scissors, pressing objects into the dough. Just have fun and help your child develop fine motor skills!!!

Finger paint

You need

Coloured paper, white and black paint, paint brush


    • Paint a tree shape.
    • Pour white paint into a dish and let your child dip their fingers in it.
    • Stamp white fingers onto the tree shape and around
    • Praise the effort and display the picture so your child knows how much you like it.

For craft use a variety of materials; markers, paint, coloured glue, glitter, beads, scrap paper, magazines, buttons, boxes, photos and much, much more!

Benefits of craft activities.

  • Opportunity for bonding and having fun together
  • Developing creativity
  • Opportunity to talk and expand vocabulary
  • Learning colours and shapes
  • Developing observational skills
  • Promote flexibility of thinking
  • Developing patience and self-control
  • Developing fine motor skills needed in writing
  • Developing ability to use both hands together
  • Supports understanding of balance
  • Supports understanding how things can be joined together
  • Supports understanding of different materials and textures
  • Builds high self-esteem and gives sense of achievement
  • Its relaxing and promotes well being

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