Updated: 5th April 2017

Sharing Books

How and Why

  • Even tiny babies enjoy stories and rhymes. By the time babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their native language. The more stories you read aloud, the more words your child will be exposed to and the better he or she will be able to talk.
  • Make it fun! It doesn’t matter how you read with a child, as long as you both enjoy the time together!
  • Share books anywhere, anytime and a bedtime story is a lovely way to end the day.
  • Take time to look together at the words and pictures in a story
  • Use your hands and face as well as your voice
  • Use animal sounds like woof, growl and hoot, use funny voices and sing– this will really help to bring the story to life and make your child giggle!
  • Stories and rhymes can be shared with the whole family so, invite siblings or other family members to join in.
  • Encourage your child to hold the book themselves and turn the pages
  • Point to the pictures and relate them to something your child knows
  • Use puppets
  • Reading aloud is an important form of stimulation and teaches a baby about communication
  • Reading aloud introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colours, and shapes in a fun way
  • It improves listening and memory and builds vocabulary
  • It gives babies information about the world around them
  • Invites your baby to look, point and touch
  • Promotes social development as well as develops thinking skills.
  • Good rhymers become good readers
  • Give your child plenty of time to respond to any questions; don’t require just yes or no answers. Ask them what they think will happen next or how a character might be feeling.
  • Join the library for bigger choice of books, story sacks and bilingual books in a selection of languages.
  • Find Bookstart!
  • Look on our website for parent’s book’s review and/or add your own choice.