Updated January 2019

Fresh air can make a difference to how you feel!

Benefits of “Great Outdoors”

  • Playing outdoors promotes mental and physical well-being.
  • Children are naturally drawn to active play outdoors as it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence
  • It helps them to feel happier and calmer and ultimately helps them to be more focused when learning.
  • It helps children to build strong bones and good fitness levels, enables them to burn off extra energy and calories.
  • Being in the sunshine, even in winter helps to naturally absorb vitamin D
  • It helps children to naturally come out of their shell
  • It improves social skills and interactions with other children away from adult supervision.
  • It helps children to learn playing by themselves develops their independence and build their self- esteem.
  • It inspires children’s creativity
  • It improves moods and create positive mental attitude.
  • Teaches children to be brave, overcome challenges and assess risks.
  • Babies sleep better at night if they’ve had some fresh air and sunshine during the day.
  • It’s an opportunity to meet friends.
  • It’s a stimulating and multi-sensory place
  • It offers opportunity to create happy memories by keeping items collected by your child outdoors to remind them of their adventures outside.

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