Updated: 10th May 2018

Add some fruit, petals, herbs, colouring, oil or ice cubes to a container with lukewarm water.

Let your child play and share the experience with you.

Make a large ice cube with some objects of interest inside, such as flowers, cars, plastic animals. You can add some food colouring to the water. Freeze. Provide some wooden or plastic tools for your child and let them work the way to the hidden objects.

Fill medium size container with water add some bubble bath liquid or washing up liquid (just a little squirt). Put some hand whisk, or sponge. Let your child mix it, squeeze or beat the solution and enjoy the experiment.

Provide your child with water container and lots of different vessel, sieves, and funnels and let them pour and catch water. You can add colouring, bubbles or scents for additional fun.

Benefits of playing with water

(Children should always be supervised when playing in or with water!)

    • Developing their arm and hand muscles by improving their skill at pouring
    • Learning how water behaves when you pour it from one container to another
    • Learning how water feels and that it can be squirted
    • Learning that objects either float or sink
    • Learning that water leaks from containers with holes
    • Learning that adding water changes texture of some materials, such as flour, sand or clay
    • Learning that water can freeze or evaporate
    • Learning that water can flow and move objects
    • Improving hand eye co-ordination
    • It creates opportunities to discuss caring for babies and the need for personal hygiene.
    • It creates opportunity to understand science involved in cleaning and drying fabrics.
    • It can extend vocabulary and enhance communication skills.
    • It helps to develop manipulative skills.

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