Job Hunting


is a great way to up-skill and get back into a work mindset. We have a page on volunteering at the Children's Centre here. But if you would like to volunteer in a different field there are plenty of other organisations that can help. Have a look at the links below:

Job Websites

Below are some great websites to help you find and apply for jobs.

CV Writing

is not easy, we offer one to one meetings to help you with this. If you would like to book one please get in contact with the centre. Alternatively Norfolk Guidance Service also provide this service. There are also lots of websites online that can be useful when creating your CV, some links are below.

Careers advice

can be very useful when job hunting. The national careers advice services can help you find out what employers are looking for and how you can go about getting the right experience and qualifications needed for your chosen job. The careers advice service website link is below, give them a call or have a look at the 'Job Profile' to get more information on specific jobs.