Money and Benefits

Finding out about, claiming and receiving benefits can be a very tough process. We will try with this page to provide as much support as we can for parents and carers to claim what they are entitled to.

Below is an action plan of what to do when you are first thinking about claiming any sort of benefit

  • Use the website to find out information about specific benefits and who they are for. The website also has a very useful benefits calculator called 'Benefits Adviser', this asks specific questions about your circumstances and gives you details of the benefits you're entitled to and the estimated amount you may receive.
  • Make an appointment with the local jobcentre plus office at Pottergate by calling 0845 608 8571, you will be asked for your national insurance number and date of birth.

If you are having problems with your benefits can you always pop into the centre for a chat or pick up a leaflet produced by the Job Centre Plus. Below are some links to specialist organisations that can help you with your case.

Another good website is This is an independent version of the benefits adviser mentioned above.